nasi uduk jakarta; a taste of home

Nasi Uduk Jakarta ala Rantang Mini

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for almost 12 years and looking for an authentic Indonesian food is challenging. That’s why I started Rantang Mini at the first place. I want Indonesian food with no compromise in taste.

As an Indonesian who was born and raised in Jakarta, being an avid halal foodie myself, I can’t emphasized enough how much I love Nasi Uduk. If Nasi Padang is my no.1 Indonesian food, Nasi Uduk would be my no.1a wkwkwkwk. I love them both immensely.

Nasi uduk is a typical rice dish from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. It’s an aromatic rice cooked in a generous amount of coconut milk and herbs. Accompanied by some condiments like telur balado, tempe orek or sambel goreng kentang, acar timun but most importantly, the unmissable duo: SEMUR and SAMBAL KACANG.

You can go with any type of Semur, be it Semur Daging, Semur Tahu, Semur Jengkol etc. The sweet dark flavorful sauce of Semur enhanced the taste of Nasi Uduk. A good and tasteful Semur must be made one day in advance. One more condiment that I love to add is kerupuk emping.

I’ve been juggling to find the right taste and the right herbs to make my Nasi Uduk a part of my love of Jakarta. If you’ve been to Jakarta, you know what kind of city I’m talking about wkwkwk. When you live there, you feel the tension, the hectic, endless traffic jam and many more to mention. But when I left the city, I miss it big time.

I created this dish to portray my nostalgic moments in Jakarta. That morning when I was in a rush to go to college and had my breakfast on the street vendor, I always ate Nasi Uduk, like always! The chance was 99%. Also when I went back home after work, or met some friends, we went to Pecel Ayam tent across the road and ate Pecel Ayam with Nasi Uduk (plus fried tofu/tempeh).

Nasi uduk is the type of dish you can enjoy the whole day. Be it in the morning as breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can even have it as a midnight munch. Of course, not as big as the normal portion, but you really can have it for 24/7.

If you’re living in Holland and you crave Nasi uduk, you have come to the right place. Even if you never ever try Nasi uduk before, Rantang Mini is the perfect start. Because there’s a reflection of good memories in Jakarta in every bite of my Nasi uduk.

Have a try!



Post Eid: Rantang Mini is back

Lontong Opor

After almost two fully months stopped from selling meal for lunch, I finally (re)opened my kitchen again last Friday. I didn’t mean to open it this Friday but some of my loyal customers simply can’t wait any longer.

They were the one who were so excited when Ramadhan ended. Means that I will open again for business.

To bring the festive Eid moment to their lunch table, I decided to make the iconic Eid meal: Lontong Sayur. Together with Opor Ayam (Chicken in coconut milk and herbs), Sambal Goreng Kentang Buncis (Spicy Fried Potato with Green Beans) and Tea Egg (Boiled Egg in Tea and Spices)

Ready to pack and go!

What do you think? Hungry already? Hehehehe.