Nasi lemak malaysia

2020 was a rollercoaster ride for me. Since the beginning of the year I received a terrible news that my (late) mother diagnosed with tumor. A surgery was planned so quickly. I was in Rotterdam, enjoying my coffee at The Cafe in De Bijenkorf. The telephone rang, my sister in law called me up with this news. I rushed back home, immediately phoned my husband “May I go to Jakarta? My mom will get a surgery in 2 weeks!”

Unfortunately, after the surgery, her recovery process was terrible and 10 months later she passed away with MANEC Cancer stadium 4 advanced. What a year for me, and each of my siblings. Along with the ongoing, endless lock down everywhere. The outbreak of this pandemic, Covid 19, my oh my…what a year we all had. Subhanallah!

My home catering, Rantang Mini, was still running in a slow pace. My body is in Holland but my mind is in Jakarta.

Just a month ago, after a self quarantine at home, in a silent and powerful moment. I thought of coming back to my small business. Making the food I love.

The response was immensely positive. In a midst of sorrow, pain and reality (with 2 small kids), I began to cook again and found myself at ease. Cooking is definitely a positive way to get a positive distraction, at least it works for me.

Cooking gives me the “fire” I need, the booster of my day. And each time my lovely customer satisfied with the meal I prepared, it gave me so much joy.

Nasi lemak, the one you see in the photo above, the national meal of every Malaysian; It’s been my favorite ever since I tasted it more than a decade ago. Everywhere I go, be it in Europe of Far East, this meal is the one I’m looking for. I’m an Indonesian who adores Malaysian food. Their cuisine is so diverse, and we actually shared the same spices, herbs etc. So our meals are quite similar, due to our historical background of course. But more importantly, most of Malaysian food abroad is HALAL! even if the owner is a non Muslim. What an excellent standard!

Anyway, Nasi Lemak is also very popular abroad. It has been a beloved menu in my Rantang Mini too. Last year I decided to make it, just a thought of what I’ve been through in 2020. A mixed of everything, a taste of home and love.

I hope this year I will write and experience more. And I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2021. May this year gives you all the peace, love and happiness you needed. May this year be the year of Rantang Mini 🙂