The colorful Nasi Campur Bali

As a home-chef I often feel so bored when I cook the same meal or menu every time. And getting inspiration and the energy to work takes time.

So after juggling, thinking what should I make this time. My friend came to our weekly Qur’an lesson with a Sambal Matah.

This kind of Sambal is so popular and easy to make. Sambal Matah originally comes from Bali, Indonesia. I, personally, eat it with seafood (Oh God! How much I miss the grilled seafood in Jimbaran) or as the cherry on top for your Nasi campur.

The very first bite of this sambal brought so much memories of Bali. I remembered the waves sound, the bustling Kuta street, and the green and lushes Ubud.

I told myself, I must make Nasi campur Bali!

So there you go!

Making this type of Nasi with various small dishes was a big challenge for me. I currently have many International customers who are so excited about Indonesian food but please be mild, and I also have local Indonesian who wants their food to be (always!) spicy.

Surprisingly, everyone loved it! This menu was sold out in no time with customers asking for extra Sate lilit.

For sure, InsyaaAllah, Nasi campur Bali will be the main menu on Rantang Mini.

Have a good day!