I love you so Matcha! Round & Round Rotterdam

“The Bar”

Matcha; the famous Japanese green tea powder. Packed with health properties, praised by the dieter (like me!), tasted both good as a cold or hot beverage. Matcha took the spotlight around the world easily.

The first time I drink Matcha was back in Jakarta 10 years ago when Starbucks introduced this popular green to their menu. I love it! That sweet and flavorful frappuccino, the unique aroma and that beautiful green color. It is still my favorite drink today until I visited Japan a few years back, I realized that the green tea in that cafe was a total different than the one in Japan.

Hence, I even more in love with it! Matcha has surely a strong character. It could probably be the “coffee” for tea lover. I was even more at awe to this sensational green powder when I found out that the Japanese has so called “tea ceremony”. A ceremony with Matcha. Amazing!

Getting Matcha in the Netherlands was uneasy. I feel like the trend is going to slow over here. Not only with Matcha, but also cosmetic, skin care and yes….FILM!

But there comes the trendy wave eventually! Healthy lifestyle…something exotic, and all of sudden it’s all about coconut milk, almond and yes….Matcha.

A friend of mine, Anna and Yanti; who are so fond of Matcha too, told me the other time to visit a cafe in Rotterdam specialized in Matcha. I directly followed their Instagram account but found no way to visit it. It cost me more than a year to finally make it.

Located close to Rotterdam Blaak Train Station and the famous Markthal, this cafe is indeed one of the hotspots in town. Alongside with many cafe, you can find Round&Round with it’s famous cat sign.

I was excited the first time I walked inside that door. This cafe is small, compact and neat. I was immediately thinking about Marie Kondo hehehehe . You really can find that joy!

The menu card was cute. Can I say it’s über cute? Typical Japanese, really! I have never ever seen something like it in Holland. This card is so convincing, don’t you think?

Because it’s all about Matcha there, I then ordered everything in Matcha! Heaveeeeeeeen….<3

Matcha Float with homemade Matcha Ice Cream and Matcha Roll Cake

I ordered Matcha Melody Pancake, Matcha roll cake and their beloved Matcha Float. I could possibly jump to the ceiling for this. It truly is a Matcha forest!

It took almost 5 minutes when the roll cake and matcha float came. Add another 20 minutes for the pancake. I could guarantee you that those 20 minutes was worth the wait when you see 3 green pancakes with a swirl of whipped cream, topped with berries, glossed with sort of honey or maple syrup.

Matcha Melody

I’m impressed! I was so impressed hahahaha. I’ve been eating out to many restaurants and cafe around the Netherlands, but this….woohoo!

When I tasted the roll cake I said “Okay this is Japan!” hahaha. It’s probably because this cafe runs by native, also they use premium matcha powder (which is expensive!) and guess what…they even use one of the top milk brands in the country.

But anyway, that green fluffy roll cake and matcha cream with red bean filling melts in my tongue. This cake is not too sweet, just perfect. And the rest you’ll see when I come back to Rotterdam in a short time.


[INFO: before I made an order, I make sure that this is safe for Muslim. No gelatine or alcohol used in the roll cake or pancake or ice cream. For your safety, kindly please recheck with their staff]

Anak Mall Returns…

What can I write within 10 minutes time?

2019, entah akan menjadi tahun apa ini; gw belum punya bayangan. Tapi dari hampir 3 bulan pertama ini gw melihat banyak hal dan kegiatan positif yang membangun rasa percaya diri dan memperbaiki karakter gw juga.

Alhamdullilah….itulah kalimat pertama yang ingin gw ucapkan. Setelah vacuum ngeblog selama hampir 6 tahun lamanya. Mangkir dari dunia jurnalistik demi menempuh kehidupan dunia yang hakiki (re: jadi IRT), tahun ini bisa dibilang akan menjadi tahun kembalinya Rina.

For a better and greater achievement here and hereafter InsyaaAllah. Alhamdullilah juga, tahun ini tepat setahun bisnis rantangan gw berjalan. Dengan omzet yang memampukan gw untuk mentraktir anak-anak dan suami dan kasih kado besar ke Ibu dan Ibu mertua gw.

So here I am, kembali lagi di dunia per-blog-an atas permintaan sahabat-sahabat sholeh dan sholehah. Semoga isi blog ini nantinya bisa bermanfaat, menghibur (maybe?? hahahaha) dan menjadi amal jariyah gw juga.

Saat ini juga belum tahu apakah gw akan konsisten menulis dengan bahasa Indonesia atau Belanda atau Inggris, entahlah….but at least I have made my first step by setting up this blog from scratch.

Anyway, anak mall itu adalah julukan gw yang hobi ngemall dan di zaman foursquare dulu sampai punya mall rat badge tingkat 10 sangking hobinya ke mall di tiap negara yang gw kunjungi!

Oh iya, yang dulu ngikutin blog gw yang yurinamartin.com …Alhamdulillah, sekarang gw udah mengunjungi lebih dari 18 negara dari cita-cita awal yang pengen ngunjungin 16 negara 6 benua. Setelah banyak tahun berlalu, gw udah gak nafsu untuk mengunjungi 6 benua lagi. Mungkin di post berikutnya gw bisa cerita lagi lebih banyak.

But for now, I got to go….I need to pick up my son at school! 🙂

Terima kasih udah menyempatkan untuk membaca tulisan ini. I wish you a very wonderful day ahead.