Oh yeah! Burgers’ Zoo

Almost every year we come together for a family weekend. Only this year is more special, we’ll spend the whole week in a bungalow.

The first family trip was to London. It was in April 2010. We were only with 4 person.

Now that the family is expanding, and my parents in law are getting older; We tend to travel just around the Low Land.

I personally pick Gelderland this time. I went to Arnhem for the first time to watch my teenage Idol, Justin Timberlake 🙂

I was so strucked with the landscape! The greenery along the way. When I drive in this province, I feel like I come to another part of the world. It feels so serene, so beautiful.

And, because I have two small children; I picked Burgers’ Zoo as our first destination of the week.

I went two times to Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. I liked it so much! It’s compact and well designed, plus…it’s so close to public transport too.

A perfect destination for a young family. Less hassle, more fun!

But then, when I came to Burgers’ Zoo just a few days ago; I must tell you that this Zoo is a MUST visit.

I love it from top to the bottom! From the beginning to the end.

It’s a wonderful place ❤️

Located among the nature makes it really special.

There are about 7 animal divisions in this Zoo. And I only missed Rimba and Ocean part but the rest, yuhuuu…❤️

I love the Safari part! There’s a restaurant overlooking to Giraffes, Zebras and so on. What a view…

There is also kids jungle with a huge in-outdoor playground surrounded by trees!! So gorgeous.

My oldest child is almost 4 years old and he certainly had enjoyed it. Surprisingly, my 17 months old child was also happy.

If you’re in the Netherlands and looking for something fun to do with your kids, I highly recommend this place.

It’s not only fun for the kids, but also you; their parents.

Happy Meivakantie!