Baby Jogger City Tour, is it your next stroller too?

I currently have two kids and having a good stroller is on top of my list.

After getting Bugaboo Bee for my first child, I struggled to find another one when the second one arrived 2.5 years after.

Bugaboo Bee is the best I have ever bought for my children, and I am certainly happy with it until now. You know, they say it’s like a Porsche for children ^.^ hahahaha.

Anyway, after I bought the extra wheeled board for my eldest child, I thought to have a double stroller but then my husband said NO!

Bugaboo, even the bee series, is too bulky. I need something compact and yet comfortable.

Besides the Bee, I also have Koelstra Simba in Color Jade. It’s an umbrella stroller, and I used it normally for travelling, since it’s light, affordable in price and the (almost) 180 degrees reclining system. And yet, I’m not satisfied.

Then I came to Tokyo and remember when I saw many young moms walking with a small, compact stroller. One day, I asked it to a stranger I met at the Station. What’s the brand of your stroller?

She said “Yoyo Zen”. Ok noted.

So I said to myself that this would be my next stroller. But then, when the second child arrived, I stumbled upon Baby Jogger City Tour (again) on Instagram! Thank you IG…you really is a great app 🙂

Then I made a comparasion in which come to the result that I chose Baby Jogger city tour over Yoyo Zen.

My reasons are:

1. It comes with a handy backpack for the stroller. Making it clean and tidy, easy to carry.

2. It has a footrest in which the Yoyo Zen missed.

I have used it now for almost 15 months and I am quite happy with it. The only minus point is that the folding system sometimes not as smooth as it promised, but it really is a minor problem.

Further, it is a easy to maneuver, it rides smooth, it really is a city stroller, stylish and it’s comfortable for my children.

And yes, this stroller is approved cabin bagage.

Thank you for reading this!

Bye for now,


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Mademoiselle Na'

A Minangnese stranded in the Netherlands. Enjoy cooking and traveling.

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