Eating Bakmi at Trio Eethuis The Hague

(Disclaimer: before I came here, a month ago my husband made a phone call to asked if their food is halal, and they said yes. Today I asked if they use Knorr (or any other food seasoning), and they said they only use Aromat (which is allowed for Muslim to consume, InsyaaAllah)


I stumbled upon this one year old Indonesian eatery after looking at some friends posts on their Instagram.

I thought…wow, this must be a good one!

So after a month of waiting, okay, due to the endless flu and cough, Alhamdullilah.

I finally made my way there. Just before I picked up my son at school, I went to Trio Eethuis to have my lunch.

Going to a new eatery is quite disturbing for me. Because I really want to try everything in one time hahahahaha.

But let me tell you this, every Indonesian eatery has its own signature dish. Every…Indonesian eatery, yes you hear me good!

So I thought, instead of jumping directly to the conventional Nasi Rames or Siomay, let me pick their Must Try Menu first and that is Bakmi Ayam.

I heard already some good reviews and saw some “keep coming back” customers from their social media channel, so this makes my expectation quite high.

So I ordered Bakmi Ayam Jamur with extra Pangsit Goreng, and just because I have cough and I desire a bowl of bakso so much, then I ordered one too!

Oh yes, with a cup of tea to neutralize my taste hehehe.

And then, what I thought about it?

First impression is the place itself. The ambiance they offered is simple and warm, reminds me of an Korean eatery back in Seoul. Very homy! The slim font with a combination of black and red, so clean and stylish! I like…I like it so much.

And the location is just perfect. Oh boy, this is a real deal! Surrounded by small shops, in the city centre of The Hague, along the alley, aah…just perfect!

What about their food?

When my order come to the table, and from the first look of it, I can say it’s good. And when I first tasted it, it was so good!

The noodle is freshly made! Al dente hahahaha. The chewy-ness and the thickness is so right. But what makes Bakmi Ayam everyone’s favorite is the topping itself, Ayam Jamur. I can say it’s nearly the same with the famous Bakmi Ayam chain in Indonesia but not yet 🙂

The chicken is a bit too dry but the mushroom is fine. I only missed the garlic sensation from the oil seasoning in the Bakmi, it was a bit salty and too much pepper in my opinion.

But still, it’s their signature dish and it is a highly recommended one!

And I got two pieces of pangsit goreng, which the pangsit dough was also freshly made. I love homemade!!!

What about the Bakso (meatballs)? The size was good, the soup was perfect! Like seriously…I can say that is the best I ever tasted in South Holland! Clear rich soup…aaah yum!

But the texture of its meatballs doesn’t meet my requirement. It tasted good, but it’s not soft chewy like the one I used to eat in Jakarta (or the one I used to buy from the home caterar in Holland)

Next time I’ll try another menu. But from my first visit, I can tell you I’m impressed and looking forward to my next lunch or dinner at Trio Eethuis.


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Mademoiselle Na'

A Minangnese stranded in the Netherlands. Enjoy cooking and traveling.

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